Incorporating Signature & Company Stamp on Purchase Orders

I have a requirement - where I would really like it if i can incorporate an image of Signature and Company stamp for Vendor Purchase orders. This is because my Suppliers require the same, and If i could incorporate the Stamp & Signature directly, i can have it emailed from the system, rather than have to Print it, Sign/Stamp it and scan it again before emailing it. This just takes time and is not a Go Green approach. Any ideas?

This will be soon possible. It’s all about extending HTML customization framework from invoices onto whole system so anything printable to customers/suppliers could be modified by HTML. That would allow you to “inject” new elements.

I really hope to have this all done within a month from now. You will still need to know HTML or find someone who knows HTML to help you with your specific customization.

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Hello - I added a one liner which displays a .png file of an electronic signature. The signature appears on the invoice when i preview it but disappears when i send it via email/pdf. Could this be because the image is stored locally on my desktop? Is there something i can do to fix this?

Thanks for your help!

I dont know HTML but you can save a PDF of the invoice and attach it to a mail outside Manager