Improvements to Manager Installer

My taskbar Manager shortcut is re-created automatically every time I update.

so i think there is more inconsistency than i initially thought.

i updated to the version 17.10.73 on Windows10 and before i did that i had deleted all the shortcuts (Desktop, Start programs group and Taskbar) to Manager.

so i unchecked the Desktop shortcut option when updating and that worked as expected.
but the Start programs group was again created automatically.
no Taskbar shortcut was created either.

Taskbar shortcut will be created if desktop shortcut is checked.

Program group under Start menu is always created. Why do you find it important for Manager not to create itself under “Start” menu?

can this option be separated? preference of users are different.

it is not important. most programs do install shortcuts to the Start group automatically. i just wanted to highlight that the installer would show the user that such shortcuts will be created. i can still live without it though.

I concur that the installer should list Desktop and Taskbar shortcut separately as most people may want the taskbar shortcut, but not the desktop shortcut. Generally I don’t recommend shortcuts on the desktop, but if its a program that I use all the time I want it on the taskbar.

I would always recommend that programs install a shortcut into the start menu, therefore I do not see it as advisable to have an option to indicate this is happening. This should be mandatory given that people delete shortcuts on desktop and pinned icons and then have no way of finding the program other than the start menu.

I think historically it wasn’t possible for installers to install shortcuts into taskbar. Microsoft was worried every program will do this and taskbar will become meaningless (like QuickLaunch once was). The rules have been relaxed since then but given the historical context, it’s still tricky to control placement of shortcuts in taskbar. For example, the installer editor I’m using (Advance Installer) doesn’t even have an option to create a checkbox which would allow users to set whether shortcut in taskbar should be created or not.

Microsoft was thinking users should explicitly move into taskbar what they actually want to have there to avoid overcrowding. It turned out overcrowding is no longer an issue because people install a lot less programs on Windows than a decade ago (a lot of apps are running within a web-browser now) and screens are generally wider now giving more horizontal space.

Anyway, for now, there will be only one checkbox and that is Desktop shortcut option. And this option will serve both purposes: install shortcut on desktop and taskbar at the same time. Advanced Installer editor I’m using doesn’t have an option to split this into two separate checkboxes.

I think that you are correct. People should be required to explicitly add a shortcut to the taskbar if they really want it there, otherwise you have the issue that Quick Launch had. Given that most of time, people are updating, you have fixed the main problem is that it kept installing a shortcut on the desktop. If you already have a pinned icon, this will remain. So I agree, the installer is now working as should be.

that explains a lot @lubos and thank you for making the users understand.
one checkbox for Desktop shortcut is sufficient as the shortcut previously pinned to the taskbar will not be automatically updated if the user leaves the checkbox unchecked.