Import VAT paid to clearance agent

I am sorry to bring this topic up again. I have seen a possible solution in the forum but I cannot seem to find it again.

I import goods from abroad and use a clearance agent.
When the goods arrive, I get an invoice from the clearance agent stating the duties and import VAT to be paid.

How do I record the import VAT seeing that is not a straight forward calculation?
Import VAT in my country is calculated using the following formula:
[(Customs Value + 10% thereof) + (any non-rebated duties levied on the goods)] x 15%
= [ATV] x 15%
= VAT payable

i am aware that this needs to be recorded under VAT payable, and I have tried entering it that way, with a 15% VAT, and even 0&, but it does not seem to be working.

I did see a topic with someone posting some screenshot showing a journal entry, and I tried it and it worked, but I cannot seem to find it again.

Next time use the bookmark option. :wink:

I did, but I am travelling and it’s on my other workstation. :grinning:

If the clearance agent is charging you the VAT as a separate amount then you could use a Tax Code with 100% rate and this would post to VAT Payable.

Perhaps the topic you were referring to is this one:

@Brucanna, many thanks. I saw the 100% in an article, but was not sure.

It works fantastic. Many thanks!!!