IDEAS - Themes on all reports

Hi, I think that it would be very useful the possibility to apply themes on all reports, ie also to the balance sheet, profit and loss and so on.

Since I have to use them in the integrative note I would like them to follow the same graphic without having to export everything in Excel and format them one by one.

The problem is that themes are structured with certain expectations for what is to be presented: recipient information, reference numbers, line items, custom fields, etc. These elements are available on transaction forms like sales invoices or purchase orders. Reports are individually structured to present data from the general ledger, not line item information. Logos, addresses, and so forth just take away valuable space. When you read annual reports of publicly traded companies, the financial pages are typically very plain, just filled with numbers.

If you want other stuff, create a PDF and add objects. No need to put things in Excel first.

Very simple but at least with the same font and colors…

By the way I don’t think it would be very difficult in this type of reports to hide the “header” of the tamplate… it’s just an if statement…