Ideas for Capital Account & Sub-account reports

Custom reports for Capital accounts are currently limited due to inconsistent use of “Capital Accounts | name”. When generating reports from Capital Accounts, Name shows the capital account name ie members names

Report content is limited as only 2 fields are available


When creating a custom report from the General ledger
The same two Capital account entries are available

Which can be used to generate more useful reports

But here “Capital Account | Name” shows the “Capital Sub-Account | Name”

Custom reports would be more useful if the reports from the general ledge allowed selection of both

  • Capital Account | Name
  • Capital Sub Account | Name

Another issue:
“Capital Sub account” is not cleared when account changed to a non capital account.

Use case:
Custom report of “General Ledger Transactions”
Where … “Capital Account | Name” “is not empty”

Will not select only Capital Account transactions

To reproduce the issue:

  1. Post a Receipt to a Capital sub account

  2. Edit the post so it is posted to another account, say an income account.

  3. Display the transaction in a custom report showing the Capital sub account name (which is currently titled “Capital Account | Name” when creating a custom report from “General Ledger Transactions”)

  4. The old Capital sub account name will be displayed

The work around is to instead select transactions using:

  • Where “Account | Name” “Contains” “Capital Accounts” (or what ever Capital Accounts have been renamed)

  • and ensure no other accounts in your chart of accounts has these words.

For a custom report from “General ledger Transaction”. The “Where …” operator also allows selection of “Capital Account” unlike all other fields, which makes it difficult to use as I don’t know what it refers to.

Field display options

Search / Transaction selection options

Another Capital account idea.

Drill down from the “Capital Accounts” tab should show “Capital Sub accounts”

Successively drilling down from the Capital accounts tab should show:

  1. Capital accounts with “Name” and Amount (as it currently does)

  2. Capital Sub accounts (for that member) with sub totals and a total at the bottom (a new screen).

  3. Actual transactions; for that member and selected sub account (or all that members transactions if drill down on the total {which would be the same as the current bottom level member drill down})

My last few days were all dedicated to custom reports. Since there has been a big discussion about the incompleteness of capital accounts reports, I was trying to extract general ledgers movements of “capital accounts” but it seems that “capital accounts | name” shows not the name of the shareholder but the name of the subaccount and there’s no way to access to the name of the shareholders. Both Name and Subaccounts should be showed together with all custom fields.

Agree Ideas for Capital Account & Sub-account reports

It would indeed be nice to be able to access both the capital account|sub account and capital account|name (meaning the persons name) in custom reports. For example I have a report to pull allocated share of profit for all - currently I need to make sure to repeat the persons name in each journal line description in order to be able to get the name and the sub-account. Also I find the name does have the capital sub-account for all types of capital sub-account.

This has been implemented now as part of the new custom report implementation.