I receive a refund of a vendor - how to book this amount

I bought a HDD with Amazon but eventually they could not deliver the article and refunded the money.
I need to create a creditnote for this but when I do the overall amount increases with the payed amount or when I use minus the total become negative (meaning I still receive money of this vendor)
How can I get the amount to zero?
I tried to use the options:

  • Receive costs
  • Credit notes
  • Debit notes
    Without any luck.
    Please be so kind and show me the steps to solve this issue.
    Kind regards,

How did you record the purchase - Purchase invoice? Payment?

If you received a refund then you should just enter a receipt not a credit note. A credit note serves future payments.

Read the guide about debit notes.

I bought the HDD
Created a purchase
Booked the invoice
Payed the amount

And received a notification the HDD could not be delivered and they refunded the payed amount.

In my believe this is a negative credit and should be booked against the payed amount

But i am a techi and not a financial expert

You need to create a debit note which will cancel out the purchase invoice and then create a receipt to record the refund received from the supplier

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Show us the snapshots of the documents that you created on the system.

If you created a Purchase invoice you need to reverse it with a debit note.

When the money is refunded into your bank account you will process the receipt to the supplier.