I lost information of my POS system, how to input this on Manager?

Hello friends,

we lost some information in our POS system in our store. So we can not know what inventory items we sold exactly, but we know the amount of money generated in that days.

Also we have the new value of amount of every item on inventory.

How do you recommend to proceed in this case? Because we can add a new account in Incomes and then add the missing items in inventory write offs, but actually is not a write offs. We have more than 1000 differents items on inventory, so it would be really hard to check one by one to know exactly what we have sold.

Any idea?

  1. Add your new income account and put the amount of those sales to it.

  2. Instead of Inventory write-offs, create a Sales Invoice where you list the inventory items to be adjusted with their quantities only - NO sales values. This transaction will then adjust your inventory quantities and transfer them to the Inventory Cost account without adding income.

I assume here that you are referring to “quantity” when you say “amount of every item on inventory”, if yes, how did you record that stocktake ?

If you use the 0000000 Bug 1 report to record the stocktake, then you would see quite easily which inventory items are needing adjustment.

You may have to spread the exercise over a period of time. Say on a Friday after you have closed for the day, run the report and check the first 50 or 100 items. Do a sales invoice for those needing adjustment, then on the following Friday do another batch etc.

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Thank you for your quick answer my friend, really appreciate it.

Yes I mean the quantity of the current inventory. We count one by one every single item, so we have the exact number.