HTML/CSS templates to add images on invoices


is there a way to add HTML/CSS templates for the invoice with background and images elements ?

Like this :

You can inline images using base64 encoding within HTML.

See: html - Embedding Base64 Images - Stack Overflow

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I have used inline image on Sales Invoice in Notes Column but it is giving attached error when trying to generate PDF/ Sending Email . Please check what is the issue.


Thanks a lot.

what are you trying to do and how are you trying to do it?
users cannot assist you without providing the necessary details.

Thanks for your reply.
But I clearly mentioned that I have used inline image(img src html) in
Notes column on sales invoice.
Also I have attached error detail.plz let me know if you require any other
detail.will be happy to share :slight_smile:

make sure your html code in Notes field looks like below
<img src="C:\Windows\Manager\XYZ.jpg">

also make sure the image size is of acceptable size to display on the sales invoice.

Thanks actually problem is due to this code when i am giving style in img field

style="float: right;width:254px;height:93px;margin-top: -250px;

Why dont you resize the image to your required size instead of using a style element?
The image must be a max of 580px width at 72dpi

Manager does not support all css styles. so it is better to keep the codes in Manager to a minimum by making most the styling externally first.

okay but what do you mean by “keep the codes in Manager”. How can i achieve what i have put in style? @lubos : Please suggest.

Thats not necessary that image must be a max of 580px width at 72dp.Size can be as per user’s need.

The size i prescribed is for A4 paper. If the image is larger, then it will cause foramtting errors

no its coming okay in my case.

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