How to view / report Automatically allocated Payments

How can the allocation of an automatically assigned payment made to a Supplier on a particular date be viewed?

Example: Below is a supplier to be paid, the 1 - 30 day invoices. So you pay the supplier in this example $7599.20 via the “Payments” Tab, New Payment, select account and Payee “Supplier” etc and Payment made, Manager automatically allocates to oldest outstanding Job done. All perfect and OK.

Now some days later there is a query and I wish to determine what purchase Invoices were allocated to that payment of $7599.20?
If I assigned the Purchase Invoices to the “Payment” made at the time there is no trouble determining what was allocated to the payment at any point.
If custom fields are used on Invoice the data can be pulled / filtered but extra work.

  1. So how can the allocation of an automatically assigned payment made to a Supplier on a particular date be viewed at a later date?
  2. Can Custom Reports answer this somehow by flagging the payment allocated date and reporting?

The only reliable method for knowing whether an undesignated payment was applied to a specific invoice is to look at the mini-statement on the bottom of the invoice.

If knowing this information is important for your business, that suggests automatic allocation is not appropriate in your situation. Instead, you should always designate the invoices to which a payment applies. The program contains a built-in design assumption. It assumes payables are interchangeable and your desire is to clear the oldest ones first.

There is a reason for designating invoices that may not be obvious. Suppose you made an error entering an invoice date and later correct it. That action could change the automatic allocation of previous payments. An invoice that was once considered paid may become overdue.

This all means that you need to decide whether you can accept the design assumption about interchangeability of payables. If you can, you must accept that information about automatic allocation is not conveniently available. Nor is it durable (if edits are made). If you cannot accept the uncertainty, you will need to allocate payments to the invoice level.

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We are happy with the philosophy, the how, the where to look and the process. What I understand from the comment is that to pull a report of this nature is not possible even with custom reports.