How to run retained earning report

how to run retained earning report

What do you mean? What do you think such a report would include?

Have you drilled down on the balance on the Summary page?

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Take a look at your income statement from previous years as this is basically the Subsidiary Ledger of the Earnings.

Additionally, if any transactions were directly allocated to Retained Earnings they will be shown in the Statement of Changes in Equity report.


Like I have want retained earning report by Balance Sheet order. Like Net Assets, Asset - Liablities = Equity ( that contains only RE) Attaching the image for Ref.

Now All the transaction are strikes to different Projects.

So all accumulated Balance are parked in RE. So I need a report of RE in order of Balance Sheet. That how much is my Net Asset or RE in terms of Project wise.

pls reply @Tut

Why should I respond? You did not answer my questions.