How to register Accounting Firm on Manager website

We would like to register our Accounting Firm in the list:

We are registered firm in Bahrain.

We were also poineers in introducing Manager in the local market.

Thank you!

Team DanOwa


From setting > profile > activate accountant and add the firm name and contact

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Thank you sir, we did the changes and update, it may take time as the Accountants section not yet updated.

With in 24hrs it should appear

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Good day

I tried to list as an accountant, but under settings, profile I do not have the option to activate accountant. Is there any other way?

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I would like to register too but couldn’t find the settings. Please help.

I honestly do not know if you will be able to follow this link. I can, because I am a moderator. If you can follow it, there is a Request link in the upper right corner.

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Link works and request button is visible for me so I assume it would work for everyone.

Thanks, @Patch. The forum software has lots of layers and confusing permission structures.

@Lance update your profile and add your country to your location (for example Paris, France). I will add you after that.


@Abeiku, thank you. I’m doing that now

@Abeiku, I just updated my location. Thanks