How to record tax prepayments?

My bank has made an error when they set up my account. They forgot to enter my company tax file number, and so now that I have received interest after the account has been open for a month, they have withheld tax from the interest at the top marginal rate which will (has?) be forwarded to the Australian Tax Office.

It is only a small amount, and I will be able to claim it back at the end of the financial year (or offset it against other tax liabilities), but now I need to figure out how to record this transaction in Manager so the bank account can still be reconciled. It isn’t an expense, or a liability - and unfortunately, my Accountant is away on his honeymoon so I dare not ask him!

What would you suggest is the “correct” way to record such a transaction?

Thanks in anticipation.

Create an asset account in your Chart of Accounts and call it Tax credits. Allocate the payment bank account made to ATO on your behalf to this account.