How to record Cashback

I bought a couple of printers from a supplier. I then claimed Cashback from the Printer manufacturer.

Obviously I need to do Bank Receive and the amount. Can I put it in inventory on hand as a credit and do I need to create a Supplier Account. I don’t buy from the Manufacturer and am unlikely to being claiming lots of cashbacks in future, so I don’t want to create a supplier account and a chart of accounts that will only ever be used maybe once.

No, if you do a Receive Money for the cash back you don’t need a supplier.

Yes, you need to do Bank Account > Receive Money and use the same account which you used for the purchase. If the purchase account was an inventory item, then use the same inventory but with “no” qty figure, just the unit figure.

Thanks for confirming that. I was reasonably sure that I had got it right, but wanted to be absolutely sure.

I am doing my cashback now, but I have discovered that I cannot receive money into inventory on hand. This is not in the drop down list of accounts. How do I refund this to inventory on hand.

as suggested in post #2, you should select the inventory item. the related account will appear automatically.

Sorry I was being dumb. I was trying to select the inventory column, not the item! Got it working now. Thanks