How to record borrowed money/business loan from individual

I already add loan payable under liabilities account.

My question is how I create invoice for the borrowed money/business loan?

Why would that be an invoice? Should you not just issue a receipt as you received the loan? In a separate loan agreement (not Manager) you may have agreed upon a repayment schedule and each time you would record a payment until the loan is repaid.

Alternatively (edited to show it is another option), you could create a Suppliers Invoice with the end-date being the due date of the loan in which you specify the total amount of the loan which then becomes the loan payable. Every time you make a payment you need to record this against this suppliers invoice. You could use Other in the invoice instead of selecting a supplier if needed.

To be clear, @Sharmane_Del_Valle, @eko is describing two different methods. Do not combine them.

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