How to handle invoices in foreign currencies

First of all, thanks for this amazing piece of software. The ability to edit invoices, fx rate without messing up with previously “posted” invoices, it magic. Also, the bulk insert feature is really great!

In the UK, the way to handle invoicing in foreign currencies is the following:
1- issue an invoice in the foreign currency (say EUR) and make sure to have the FX rate at invoice date and corresponding GBP amount on the invoice
2- once the invoice gets paid, use the payment amount with the new FX rate of payment date to compute the FX gain/loss.

How to achieve this using Desktop?

You create a foreign currency distinct from your Base currency. Create your customer as a Euro customer and issue the Sales Invoice in euros.

Depending on where you bank the payment from your customer (in base currency account or in a euro account) you will record the amount received in one or both currencies

Also search the Guides for “currency” and read all relevant Guides.