How to file Indian GST report from manager invoices

can Lobus Please tell how to file Indian GST report from manager invoices, we need excel format with multiple tax codes to upload in GSTR portal.

for the information of everyone, the excel format along with the offline tool is available to download at

I have just started using, and i find it much better than any other free alternative.

But you have 10 different items with 4 different tax codes on one invoice how will you upload B2C small invoice

it will soon be updated to handle multi component tax codes better…

right now use online tool to fill up will be the best option i guess…
as it is GSTR-3B is only for 2 months july and aug, and that should give everyone enough time to work out the logistics for the actual format of GSTR-1.

@himayun19 since u told that u had just upgraded, make sure u use the tax codes that are built in the software,
read this guide

the reports section can help to fill in some data,

but u have to make the calculations on your own and upload to the GST portal
i have made this format to make the setoff calculations (if any) easier


Do you mean filing GST Returns and Formats?

the topic was specifically about how to file gst returns with Manager and simply not how to file the gst returns.

Oh. I am sorry I misunderstood