How to do Debit Transactions of Main Courier Account

We are running a small Online business and wan to use Manager Accounts software for recording daily transactions with our Courier Service. So once we send a parcel to Courier we credit payment to their account. But once our parcel us refused by customer and returned back to us then we have to reverse that entry. For this purpose we have to debit the payment from Courier account.

We want to know how we can create debit entry for this account. Quick help will be highly appreciated.

How do you usually do your journal for your sales ?

What do you mean? I didnt get your point.

If i use Journal entry to do the reverse entry then it shows in suspense account. How to correct it then?


I mean when you do sales, do you create invoice or you’re input the transaction from the bank account by click the receive money, or you’re doing it with Journal Entry ?

I think when you’re doing a return to customer, you can do is spend money to the customer and add column to debit the couier.

We just create sale order and sale invoices.

Hi @topseolab,

I think what you need to do is in your bank account, you’re using receive money and the account should be against the spending to the courier account.

How do you make the payment to the courier account ? Via Purchase Invoice or you created a Paid in Advance account for the courier ?

It’ll be much easier if you can print screen an example of your transaction.


We DO NOT receive payments in accounts till we get actual payment in bank account for each transaction. Once we get payment from Courier for each order, we go directly to each order sale invoice and receive payment in bank account.

We created a Account Receivable account for courier whenever we create a sale invoice it adds payment to Courier Payment Receivable account.

Do you issue every sales invoice to this courier? If so, when does the courier gets paid for delivery service?

What I suspect is that courier is not your customer. They are your supplier (providing delivery and cash collection service). Your customers are people who are ultimately buying the product.

So, courier should be charging you for delivery and you would be paying them as you pay to any of your suppliers.

When you receive money from customer, you will record that transaction in Manager to mark the invoice as paid. If customer doesn’t pay, then you issue credit note to customer to cancel the invoice.