How to create a Contra Expense


How do I create a Contra Expense? This account is used by us when we initially pay for an expense item and is then reimbursed by our client.

The profit and loss are showing negative values so the total is incorrect.

I have no idea what you mean by create a contra expense. Click the amount next to the Client - Expenses entry and post a screenshot of the resulting view page and also of an edit page of one or two of the entries there.

I don’t understand your situation but looks like Billable Expenses is the right tool to use.

Read more on Billable expenses here:

Record billable expenses | Manager

Billable expenses are expenses incurred on behalf of a customer. They do not initially appear on your Profit and Loss Statement, because they are not expenses of your business. Instead, they will reside temporarily as assets on your Balance Sheet and be passed through to the customer by invoicing. Only after invoicing do they show up on your Profit and Loss Statement. In this respect, they are treated much like inventory items…

Hi @Abeiku, you’re right. What I needed was the billable expenses. Thank you so much for the help.

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