How to account for refund and accounts activation charges


I would like to know how you would account for refunds in please when you purchase something but then months later, you are partially refunded.

Also, I have a few credits here and there from companies like google, paypal and others who drop 0.30 or 0.40 Euro in your account in order to activate your bank account with the service, how would you account for these too please in manager.


If you purchased Inventory Items which are being returned then you would create a Debit Note first.
Then if the supplier sent you funds in return, you would Receive Money with the Account = Accounts Payable + Supplier.

Otherwise, for any other type of refund just do a Receive Money and post the amount to the account where the original purchased was expensed.

Receive Money and post them to the same account where any fees charged by them are expensed.

Thanks, Yes I did this for both.