How do i divide Rent Paid Quarterly to reflect as monthly rent in P&L Report?

We pay rent quarterly for a given year.
Jan to March 3k
April to June 3k
July to Sep 3k
Oct to Dec 3k

So total 4 cheques are issued in a year for Rent payment.
1st Jan - amount = 3k
1st April - amount = 3k
1st July - amount = 3k
1st Oct - amount = 3k

However, for our internal understanding we want Monthly P&L Report to show rent paid as 1k.

So we want to bifurcate quarterly rent into monthly for P&L Report .

How should we pass such entry in Manager where the Bank A/C date is not affected and it reconciles with our bank Statement and at the same time, the rent is divided monthly.

For eg. Cheque payment for Jan to March , amount 3k:

Can we create utility bills or some voucher in Manager to record monthly rent of 1k?
and in Bank A/C - under Spend Money: we can pickup the Rent vouchers
Jan 1k
Feb 1k
March 1k
Total = 3k
And Spend money.

You would create a BS Asset account called Rent Prepaid and use that allocation for the cheque payment.
Then you would do a Journal each month to transfer the 1000. After doing your first Journal, in subsequent months click on View then click on Clone - change the date and Update.

If you wanted you could create/clone the Journals for the whole year ahead and on the 1st of each month Manger would automatically pick up that month’s Journal.

Alternatively when doing the cheque payment you could put 1000 to the expense account and 2000 to the Rent Prepaid and then only do Journals for the second & third months


Thank you so much, Brucanna.
It works perfectly well :slight_smile: