How can i manage the advance payments to employees? I am also unable to see payslip

I have 3 Permanent employees and 5 contractual (assignment based) employees.
during the monthly period some employees demands advance payments against their overtime and salary.

How can i manage them? currently I am entering those amounts in journal enteries but those are unbalanced.

When you advance the payments you would use Spend Money and for the Account you would use Employee Clearing Account + Employee sub-account.

Then under the Employees tab you would see that advance listed as:

Journals shouldn’t be used for cash transactions.

OK I got maximum but please explain how will i spend money? Should i use Purchase invoice for such advance transactions?

Go to the Cash Accounts tab and select Spend Money and then select the bank/cash account that the advance is being paid from.

Am using version 21.7.1
But I don’t have those options of spend money…I just have New cash account and new bank account…what should I do…

Read current Guides. You are responding here to a thread more than 4 years old containing obsolete information about a version of Manager that is literally thousands of updates behind.

Alright​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:my bad…I was getting worried

in which version of Manager these options appear? I am using 21.7.53 on windows 10 and no such option there. In latest versions cash and banks accounts are merged then how come your screen shot show " Cash accounts" only?

Look at the date of the post!