How can i add expenses those are not related to business

I have a Printing Press Business, I use Purchase order and purchase invoices for expenses which should be deduct from sales. But there are some misc expenses and some personal expenses which also deducts from sales but how i can manage them?

For example, I bought some paper and i add reference number of such Sale/Purchase order in Purchase Invoice but i can not understand which supplier i should add there?

I bought cigrates and i pay money from sales account. Please help me how to handle these

When you process the Purchase Invoices, these are allocated to expenses accounts and not deducted from sales. The Profit & Loss Statement shows Income (sales) LESS Expenses to arrive at a earnings result.

You should select the Supplier from whom you purchased from. But first you need to set up Suppliers under the Suppliers tab

You don’t pay money from Sales account, you pay money from Cash or Bank accounts.
If you buy personal items with money, then don’t enter those purchases into Manager.