Hospital Accounting

Do Manager Accounting work for Hospital? Has anyone used it for hospital business and how does it work? Kindly share your experience with me please.

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Manager will work for any type of business. It will support almost all accounting functions. However, the needs of hospitals are specialized and complex. Often, they require extensive integration with government and insurance company systems and with medical recordkeeping systems, for which Manager is not well suited. You might do better with an accounting system designed explicitly for the hospital business environment.


Thank you @Tut for the information. I guess as much for School Accounting too. Manager is a pure accounting report package that may need modification for it to work for these specialized industries.

Schools are much more amenable to accounting with Manager. There are many active forum members who use Manager at schools. Search the forum for related discussions.

Okay. I will search for this as rightly suggested. Thanks @Tut . I am not looking at accounting aspect alone, but other requirements such as student portal, paying school fees online and checking of results etc. There are certain school applications that are integrated with this to make it a total ERP.

Manager will not do the things you want for a school.

Okay thanks @Tut

I use manager in my school. its 3 years now. manager is for accounting purpose and not otherwise. use this to get reports and i think all school accounting reports are found there. also i use it to take school fees and create invoices for students. i use it to buy things, give loans to my employees and deduct them on salary, I use it to manage asset, and its where auditors take their reports. And so many activities.
As @Tut said above. there is NO students results and other non accounting activities. I use another program for publishing results, student to view their invoice and so on.

Thanks @Hosea_Leonard I understood this from @Tut explanations. However the client wants an ERP integrated with their website for other school activities as earlier mentioned. Your thought is valued.