Hide discount column in Sales Invoice

Is there a way to “hide” the discount column when printing out sales invoice?

If you don’t want to see Discount column, then don’t enter any percentage in there.

I want to give discount but I don’t want it to show on invoice. I would like to be able to modify or create an invoice that does not have the discount column on it.

Then don’t use Discount column and just decrease the price in amount field directly.

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I do jut that; i don’t fill in anything in the discount column (a greyed out zero is there as default which i can not delete)
but i get an empty discount column which i don’t want for customers now are going to discuss about getting discount…

Hope you can help me out with this.

Same problem here.

I have noticed that this is the case (well at least with me) if you use a html template. But it seems that as soon as you make a new template the columns show up. It looks to me that starting with a new template the html which shows up is not the html of the built in default invoice. So i would like to know where i can find that…

Well, I solved this problem.
See the code at JSfiddle

It’s my template but you can use the strings to convert it to your own.

Wow, thanks man that’s very nice of you and it works. But i hope you don’t mind me asking to still help me to make some alterations. Please keep in mind that i don’t know a lot of coding. The way i normally get things changed is just pure luck because i try changing things. And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t :wink:

Like for instance now. I love your layout but i only want the two upper columns (where the invoice number and address of the client is) to be transparant for i want to have my logo to be in the back. I do getting my logo in but i don’t seem to be able getting the two columns transparant.

I hope you understand what i’m trying to say…

This is true, because the standard sales invoice is no longer generated from an HTML template. The one that appears when you click New View Template is just an example, not actual code the program is using. It leaves out many features of the standard sales invoice.

Hi guys, i dont want to display the discount column on the invoice. I’m not techie so anybody gives me the code it will be great.

the column will not show if you do not apply any discount.
Manager will not show any field which do not have any content in them.

i need to apply discount for customers, but it should not show in the invoice. Discount will vary for each customers.

when you are billing multiples of a single item, how would you explain the difference in per item rate and subtotal if you do not show the discount column?

for example,
Item qty (5) x Item rate (500) - Discount (100) = Total (2400)
if you do not show the discount column you cannot explain the 100 in total.

Thanks dear, i can understand your point. But, in my case i will say this much % of discount is applied and its a mutual understanding btw myself and my customer. I don’t want the other customer to see the % of discount given to one customer through invoice.

then you can simply change the item rate to include the discount amount.
you need not mention the discount separately.
this would be the easiest method.

to hide the discount column when a discount is applied will require a custom theme.
custom themes will have to be developed by any local programmer if you personally do not have coding skills.

thanks dear

There is no way one customer will see a discount given to another customer unless you personally send them the other customer’s invoice. Every customer’s discount can be different.