Help About Expense Claims

I m a new here and i have not used manager before. For my problem, When I insert my expense in Expense Claims section, the expense not deduct from Cash on hand. It is shown in Less Expense section but not in Cash on hand. So what should I do?

Expense Claims tab is where you enter the claim. This then represents a liability of the company. The claim must be satisfied in some way. If an employee is reimbursed by the company, you need to Spend Money from with a cash or bank account, allocating the expenditure against the expense claim. If the claim is made by an owner, it can be cleared to a capital or owner’s equity account.

The point is that making a claim against the company is a separate transaction from paying the claim. The only time Cash on Hand will decrease is if company money is spent on something. Expense claims are to be used when someone spends personal funds on the company’s behalf.