Handling GST in Imports from UK

The day has finally arrived where I have had to register for GST, so I can see there’s about to be another steep learning curve for this old fella :frowning:

My first question is to do with entering the payment for the invoice from FEDEX for Clearance Charges and GST “Reimbursement” in the “SPEND MONEY” option in the Bank Account.

Of course I need to do this so that the GST that has been paid is reflected in my GST or BAS Worksheet.

The two figures on the invoice are:

GST Reimbursement: $266.16
Other Charges (ACS Electronic Entry) $ 56.20
Invoice Total: $322.36

When it comes to entering the stock into the inventory module what I’ve been doing up until now is
averaging out the cost of each item by adding the cost of goods, freight and other import charges
and dividing the total by the number of units received.

Once this was done, I simply raised a Purchase Invoice listing the items and the unit cost as calculated above without referring back to any Purchase Orders or Suppliers Invoice etc so that my inventory figures (and costs) are updated.

It would be appreciated if someone could suggest how I should allocate the payment to FEDEX and secondly, let me know if what I’m doing with Purchase Invoices is OK, or is there another (or better) way of doing it.

Manager has in-built tax code called Australia - GST on Imports

Use this tax code on invoice line items which represent GST on imported goods.