GST Reports - Cash Basis

I think that this is a subject we discussed previously when I had a problem but I’m just wanting to double check.
When I’ve created GST Worksheets,the figure at G11 (Non Capital Purchases) seems to be a lot more than the figure I would have expected.

I was wondering if someone could tell me how I can double check this figure or let me know what transactions would be included so that I can confirm that I haven’t stuffed something up.
The October figure at G11 is showing around 14k but purchase invoices for the month are closer to 7k.
I do realise that other bits and pieces that I’ve purchased would also be included in the G11 figure but I can’t see how that would amount to 7k for the month.

Obviously the last thing that anyone wants is the ATO sending a “please explain”" if my BAS are wrong :smile: (I downloaded Version 15.6.73 last night and the reports showed the same figures as the older version that I was using)

Reports on cash-basis don’t take into account when invoices are entered but when invoices are actually paid.

Have a look at Tax Summary report on cash basis. G11+G12 on BAS should equal total purchases subject to GST 10% on Tax Summary report. Tax summary report figures are clickable (unlike BAS) so you can have a look at list of transactions there.