GST on summary

Hi I have just updated to the latest version and now have a minus dollar amount in the GST
on the summary page. Before I updated to this version there was no amount showing. I have completed my BAS for this time period and paid the amount on the calculation sheet so I don’t understand why it is showing up now.
I have since de registered for GST and am no longer required to lodge.
Can someone please help?

It is not clear what account you are referring to, since none is named GST. In general, however, drill down on the balance to see what makes it up.

Sorry Tut, in the liabilities section I created a GST account which, when I paid the GST I would allocated the amount to there which would bring the account into balance. But as I said, since
I updated to the latest version there is now a minus balance showing in the GST account in liabilities. Hope this explains a bit further. I am not sure why it is now showing any amount at all as I have paid the amount specified in my BAS and allocated that amount to the GST liabilities account.
Can you help ?

The BAS worksheet only uses built-in accounts. Why aren’t you using the default Tax payable account?

Sorry Tut, its been years since I set it all up, I am using the tax payable account , I just renamed it GST.

The advice to drill down on the balance to see what is contributing still applies. No one can troubleshoot your records remotely.

Thanks Tut, I did and all sorted.