GST is not calculating correctly


10% of $200 is $20, not $18.18. I’ve tried modifying the hourly rate to $72 so that it will add $8 on top but the calculation is still off; the total comes to $198 instead of $200.

What is going on here?

so for a sale of $200 GST free price the GST inclusive price would be $220.

That is not your case though.
Your case is a GST inclusive price of $200
So a GST free price of 200-18.18= $181.82
For which the gst is $18.18

Ha Ha it gets people every time, ours is 15% and there is 2 different equations to use for inclusive or exclusive. When I try and explain this people think I am nuts.
Inclusive is charge 100 so you =(1003)/23 or exclusive= (1000.15) which gives you the GST content

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Gosh, I need another coffee. Thank you.