Fx revaluation

Hi Team

Wondered if you can help.

Today, I made no entries and no adjustments whatsoever, but when i logged in and opened the accounts, noticed an entry 1 Aug 2021 called “Foreign Exchange Revaluation”.

I made no changes to FX rates, no entries, no nothing but somehow this entry got posted on 1 August 2021 into the FX Gains and Losses account.

Any clues as to what may have happened or why please?

Its only for cents, but Im more curious to know why and how an auto posting was made on 1 Aug 2021.

This has never happened before.

Many thanks



PS: There is nothing showing in History - no entry shown at all on 1 Aug 2021

Click on the amount to see the details

Hi Joe - yes i can see its revalued all the bank accounts, so I can see what its done, but my question is why did it do it today - what prompted it to do this on this month?

I have made no changes to any of the FX rates.

And I Cant see any revaluations on any other months over the past 7 months (unless its been overwriting the previous revaluation entries).

If you want further help you need to post details/screens of the calculations and exchange rates

@brisali1, you also need to provide information on what edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and version you are using.

Hi @Tut @Joe91

Apologies chaps, looking again today, I guess it is a daily system generated FX adjustment to the asset (bank) balances - notwithstanding I havent changed anything myself, I guess the system revalues everyday using any new rates I may (or may not in this case) input. Obvious when you think about it.

So today the time stamp entry has been updated to 2 Aug, but as I havent changed anything, the FX revaluation balance remains the same - as it should.

So sorry for disturbing you.

Groveling apologies, and thanks for your super swift responses as ever. :pray: :pray: