Freight In for Fixed Asset

@lubos please how about the ability to use “Freight in” to capitalise expenses to a Fixed Asset when buying a fixed asset?
With this we will Select Fixed Asset and select “Inbound Freight, Handling and Other Expenses” and enter all expenses related to obtaining that fixed asset. Accounting standards prescribe capitalising all directly atrributble costs of obtaining a fixed asset to the cost of the fixed asset (Property, Plant and Equipment)

I think this is stretching too far… I mean it’s typical to purchase 20 inventory items on single purchase invoice so special Freight-in functionality which will spread the cost among 20 inventory items is useful.

How is it useful for fixed assets? You don’t typically buy 20 fixed assets at once and even if you do, it’s so rare that you can enter the cost for each line item manually.

I get your point. :grinning: