Free credit from supplier, how to apply?

My supplier has given me $1000 to spend on purchases. Hence I now have a $1000 credit which I would like to post to my supplier accounts payable account. How can this be done? Can it be done without journal entry?

Second question: How can I move balances between two supplier accounts in accounts payable? Supplier A owes me $145, but due to an arrangement Supplier B owes me $145 instead and Supplier A 0. How can I transfer the credit from Supplier A to Supplier B?

Q1: Enter a Debit Note for $ 1000 for the supplier. This will create a negative balance on his account which will be offset against future purchase invoices. The contra entry can be to an income account eg discounts given or to a Balance Sheet account such as Accruals until such time as you use it.

Q2: The supplier you owed you 145 has effectively invoiced you for the 145 so that the balance on his account is no zero whilst the second supplier has given you a Debit Note for the $145. Thjis will transfer the balance owed from supplier 1 to supplier 2.

However, a journal entry may be the simplest way to do this

Is it a good Practice to follow?
to create advance balance credit note and debit note for customer and supplier respectively.

Better a journal entry