Fixed assets

i buy and land after i build stores for rent so to make?
i cannot make an quantity for stores for inventory!!!

Your stores are not inventory items, because you are not selling them. As your subject suggests, they are fixed assets. Read the Guides about fixed assets under the Asset Registers category of the Guides Index.

Dear Tut,
i didn’t get any information for rent in guides fixed assets.
i create fixed assets but cannot make sales invoice how you can help me?

Would this help Create sales invoices

@MODG, if I understand what you are doing, you are building a fixed asset, then renting it to someone. This is like providing a service. There is no actual connection with the fixed asset in your accounting record. Instead, you are just charging rent. You simply post the rent to a suitable income account.

You can add stores to non inventory items and generate monthly sale invoices.

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