Expenses going to Capital

I am entering expenses that I spend during purchase. for example purchases for 50000$ along with 1000$ Travel Expense. But when I enter it in the expense claim it is automatically adding into capital account. I don’t understand this concept.

Basically, When I am doing sales and gets the profit this expense has to be subtracted before net profit?

Can anyone tell me whether I am wrong?

In the simplest of terms, your net profit is the sum of your sales, less your costs/expenses.

I would recommend that you spend some time reading the guides for Manager

When you enter any transaction into Manager, (whether it be for Sales, or Expenses, or Purchases etc), it is necessary to specify which account in your chart of accounts to which the transaction applies. For example, if we are entering a purchase of a service or supplies from a supplier, then we would want to post that to a suitable account in the expenses area of the chart of accounts. If your ‘purchases’ are appearing in a capital account, it is likely that you are not selecting the correct account at the point of inputting the entry.
This of course is dependent upon you having created the suitable account in your chart of accounts in the first place. Having created an account in your chart of accounts allows you to post suitable transaction to it.

So, to extend the above principle into practice:-
Let’s say that we will create an expense account in our chart of accounts called “Travel”, as we wish to correctly record our traveling costs and expenses.
We then purchase from an airline some air tickets from a company called ‘ABC Airlines’.
We create a Supplier in Manager - (ABC Airlines)
We then receive the invoice from ABC Airlines, and we enter the details of that purchase using Purchase Invoices in Manager. When we enter that transaction, we select the “Travel” account from our chart of accounts using the ‘Account’ box in the Purchase Invoice input screen.
In turn, the value of that transaction will appear in our Expenses section of our chart of accounts and profit and loss account and summaries etc etc

@Bratly, it sounds like you are trying to enter ordinary expenses via the Expense Claims tab. Expense claims are for very specific situations, not general recording of typical company expenses. Read all about them here:

Most other expenses should be recorded through the Cash Accounts or Purchase Invoices tabs.

This is occurring because in creating the expense claim you have entered a Payer who is listed as a Member - by default all Member Expenses Claims get credited to Capital Accounts.

So the expense claim entry would have resulted in this
Credit - Member Capital Account 51,000
Debit - Purchases 50,000
Debit - Travel 1,000