Expense Claims for Payments to Suppliers

Hello there and thanks for the amazing software.

Sometimes I make payments to suppliers using my personal credit card. But there seems to be no relationship between “Payee” on the expense claim and the “Suppliers” tab.

So for example. I pay the mobile phone bill with my credit card and pay $100 to telstra. I then enter an expense claim for reimbursement. This works well for keeping track of the money that the company owes me.

However if I want to see how much has been paid to Telstra (or check if the telstra bill has been paid) this $100 payment is not listed.

Maybe I am missing something or maybe this is a feature request… :wink:

Thanks again and look forward to an answer.

You can pay purchase invoices using Expense claims.

When you pay purchase invoice out of bank account, what do you do? You categorize the payment to Supplier credits account or Accounts payable account.

The same principle applies to Expense claims. Simply categorize the payment in expense claims to Supplier credits account or Accounts payable account.

See: Guides | Manager

Hey that’s fantastic thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry I didn’t realize that and had allocated bank account payments directly to the applicable general ledger accounts.

Allocating the payments to regular suppliers is a much better way for me to do that.

Thanks so much for your help. That’s awesome…!!