Expense Claim

Hi, I have tried reading some articles about expense claim but i am struggling to still get how it works on this system so i will need a little help.

Note: I am not an accounting professional but i understand this system and have managed it for 2 years successfully.

  1. I have activated the expense claim but when i create the expense made by my workers which i have to refund, i dont know how to pay it off?
  2. I have partners i work with and they are entitled to some percentage of the profits form each project, How do i pay them using the expense claim, that is if it is the right thing to do. (Note: initiatlly i will create a purchase invoice and credit it to some kind of expense but i feel this is wrong especially when the figures involved are huge).

Please help me in very simple English…lol…Any accounting English will cause civil war in my head.

this has been explained clearly in the below guide.

these are Drawings by partners. You have to create Capital accounts for each partner.
read the below guides.

PS: the guides section of Manager is in very simple English. please have a look at them first if in doubt :wink: