Exchange rate shown incorrect due to round up

Hi, seem I have trouble with the exchange rate.
I am using cloud version of manager.

I register the USD exchange rate (2021/07/12) as 1 VND = 1/23,022.00 USD
but manager is shown as 0.00 (maybe roundup problem ?)
Then, I add the transaction and found that USD 1,000,000 shows as 23,176,000,000 VND.
this should be 23,022,000,000 VND.
seem manager working normally until today.

Thank you.

Did it work before?

Because if it did, then it’s probably due to recent correction of decimal point calculations in fields.

See here.

My entry was incorrect. I did not realize that I could use multiple entries this way, which makes sense!

Hi, @Ealfardan for the weak currency this working fine until today.

@eko the transaction date is different.
I don’t think that I need to delete the previous exchange rate before update the new one.
(sorry If I misunderstand.)

No you shouldn’t delete any previous exchange rates because this will mess up historical transactions. Each foreign currency rate update should have its own entry.

This appears to be due to that issue then. There’s been other issues regarding the rounding of in field calculations ever since the update. Seems like the decimal precision needs to be increased. But we will have to wait for the developer to confirm this.

BTW, how many decimal points do you need for USD/VND?

Current exchange rate (12 July 2021) is 1 VND = $ 0.0000434845

I wonder has the fix mentioned here upset the precision being used for exchange rates?
Arithmetic errors on some field calculations - Manager Forum

@Joe91 I guess that the 0 value indeed is related, I can now replicate while I used other currency which is highly inflated against the Euro, Dollar and GBP and now have a also resulting 0.00 values when using calculated but also direct entry results, you can only enter 3 decimal places. This indeed is very troublesome.

It would seem that an accuracy of up to 10 decimal places should be preserved as you also advised Arithmetic errors on some field calculations - Manager Forum stating that “…Yeah, the decimal precision is way beyond what’s useful. If you calculate say 11 digits and round back to 10, this should solve it. I don’t think anyone would need more precision even for currency conversion but I stand to be corrected…”

@eko @Ealfardan @Joe91
Thank you for the help.
I confirm that the exchange rate is working now.

@lubos thank you for the fix.
btw, is it possible for manager to have the reciprocal exchange rate function in the future ?
this method is easier for us(weak currency against USD/EUR etc.) to maintain the exchange rate.

How often should exchange rates be added? daily, weekly, monthly ???

Whenever you want them to be accurate.