EOFY procedures

We dont roll over every year we create a new database for the next finical year.
How do we do that in Manager
Thx in advance

You don’t. See the Guide: Close an accounting period | Manager.

Why forego the advantages of a perpetual system? You can set a lock date, make year-end backups, etc. If you are going to start over every year, you must go through the full process of setting up a chart of accounts, creating starting balances, and so forth. There is no purpose.

OK so I do a year end back up. Then some time later, if we need to restore it, i wouldn’t restore it over the existing surely.

From the Guides

First Steps

Initial Setup: Backup, restore and transfer businesses

No, you would not restore over the existing file. You would import it as a separate business. But there would be no need to import it at all except to prove the state of your records as of some prior date. All transactions would still be there in the current file.

@Penticom - To expand upon the comment:
“But there would be no need to import it at all” - as all you need to do is set the date parameters for the required data period, be it be last year or three years ago.