Entering Purchase Invoice

Hello Forum,

Ours is an international trading business. I buy goods on FOB basis from suppliers. The freight is to my account.

At the time of raising purchase invoices,I enter the relevant items in the form. as for the freight, i choose ‘freight-in’ and mention my freight there.

At the time of looking at supplier transactions under reports, I see this freight included in the supplier ledger. How do seperate this freight from supplier’s ledger but at the same time link the freight cost to the item purchased ?

Thanks in advance.


Read here Add freight-in to inventory item costs | Manager especially the part at the end regarding separate freight-in charges

@ajitsj - you may want to read this topic Multiple Currency Purchase Invoice

Whilst you may not have multiple currency, it illustrates how “freight-in” from a separate supplier is entered and then transferred to the purchase invoice of the Inventory Items supplier.