Employee Summary Report - Zero balances & Name on the Report

  1. When create a report of an employee, it shows all the earning items, deduction, etc. and all are great. However, the lists are too long and overwhelming with items which are 0 in value or not applicable. Is it possible to add a function to exclude zero balances?

  2. The viewing of the report does not show the employee name. It would be better to have the employee name appears on the top of the report. Otherwise, if print, we wouldn’t know who it belongs to.

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I put this into the Ideas category to include the employee’s name.

As for zero balances, it is quite common to include zero-amount categories on individual reports. This is useful so an employee can, for example, confirm that nothing was paid during a period for a specific item and not simply left off a report by accident.

I also wonder whether you really need all those earnings items. Does it matter whether earnings are for full or part time? Could incentives be described in payslip line item description fields rather than have so many different types of incentive items. You might be able to reduce your number of payslip earnings items to about half a dozen.

Both suggestions implemented in the latest version (19.6.59)