Emailing a letter to all clients

Hello I have searched the forums and the database but I need help if you would be so kind:

I would like to email a message (nothing to do with invoices or quotes etc) to several clients at the same time but I can’t find out how to do it. Also is it possible to group clients so I can email a certian group. I am really sorry if this is already on here but I cant find it. Thank you

Bulk emailing is not yet supported. So currently this isn’t possible. There is already a topic in ideas category covering this so eventually it will be implemented.

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I would question the advisability of using Manager as a customer relationship management tool or word processor. You will always have a great deal more flexibility with an ordinary email program. Why try to manage customer communications with an accounting program, even when it gains bulk emailing capability?

an example would be updating customers about the change in product prices.

Good morning. Many thanks for your replies. As sharpdrivetek said re the product I am wanting to notify clients that accepted quoted work has been completed. There could be several jobs completed the same day for the same company with several clients within who wants notifying on completion. I thought it would make life easier to email all completions at once direct from manager.
I want this separate to my apple mail so if you know of a crm which is not costly please let me know…I do have Contact CRM which does not do quite what I am looking for.