Email Template Variables - Sales Invoice

While I’m still hoping for this to be implemented, does anyone know what the email template variables are for these Sales Invoice fields?

Just wasted an hour experimenting and have come up with nothing that actually works for them… :frowning:

  • Invoice date
  • Due date
  • Total amount

For those interested, these DO work:

  • {{reference}} is for the Invoice number
  • {{description}} is for the main description on the invoice (not within each line item)

The only one that is actually mentioned in the documentation is reference, as seen here: Use email templates | Manager

On another note … if you’re aware of an email template variable not mentioned above, please share it!

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Now that I search again after having asked, I see a post that I couldn’t find earlier today:

This may get me a lot of the way there. Any others you know about, please share~!