Downloading desktop version 16.9.28 (or newer)

I have desktop version 16.9.28 of for Linux Ubuntu/Mint installed on one of my pc’s. I also want to have that version (or newer) installed on my other pc’s as well so I can open the datafile of my company on all my pc’s (Datafiles are not backwards compatible for older versions). Problem is that i do not have the installation file for version 16.9.28 anymore and I can only download the installation file of version 16.9.13 from the website of

Where can I download the installation file for desktop version 16.9.28 (or newer)?

You have some issue with web-browser cache. So clear your cache in your web-browser.

When you download Manager from the website, it is always the latest version which is 16.10.2 right now.

Hi Lubos,

Thanks for your reply. This indeed solved the problem. Cheers.