Down Payment Function

I have some customers that give me Down Payment before I sent them the goods, what I found out the difficulties with the current procedure is when you raise a sales invoice, the manager automatically allocated to the inventory (FIFO Sales Invoice) where the reality there’s a possibility I’ll send the goods after the next production, so is it possible to turn off the automatic allocation of inventory and suppliers & Customers credit ? And if there’s any possibility to have Down Payment Option in Sales Invoice.

In accounting issuing invoice means the service or goods have been despatched to the buyer. If you haven’t sent the goods or services do not issue invoices. Invoices are legal documents asking for payment for goods sent or services rendered in the past.

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As @Abeiku states, you shouldn’t be issuing the Invoice until you despatched the goods. When you receive the down payment allocate it to Customer Credits - Supplier. Then when you issue the Invoice that advance payment will be automatically deducted along with the updating of stock etc.

Customer Credits is the Down Payments Option