Division/Project Specific User Permissions

Hi Fellow Community Members,
I Have An Idea To Implement User Permissions Not at Business Level But at Division Level or Project Level.
For Ex-

  1. Divisional Manager Access is Restricted to The Records Related to his Division Only.
  2. An Employee is Hired to Supervise A Specific Project Only. So He needs To See All Entries Relating to That Project Weather Journals, Receipts or Payments.
    if we Give him View Access to Receipts, Payments And Projects tab. Then he is able to see All Receipts and payments Even Not Related with His Project.

So I want to request @lubos To Implement User Permissions To Division/Project Level Instead of Business Level.

Note: I have Searched on The Forum Before Posting this new Topic And not found the similar topic.

read below topic which is similar and you are already a part of.