Deduct withholding tax issue

In Greece, when charging for services, there is a sales tax of 20% which should be charged BEFORE the VAT tax, ie on the net price. However, Manager is calculating the sales tax on the total, ie AFTER the VAT tax.
Can this be adjusted in some way?

What you ask is somewhat confusing. Manager only has the ability to apply a single tax code to any line item. So it cannot be calculating sales tax on an amount that already has VAT assessed. Can you please provide more detail?

Meanwhile, the Guide on tax codes includes instructions for compounding tax codes in the section on custom tax codes with multiple components. See

Hi Tut, sorry for not being too clear about the issue. I had to translate the Manager to English to better explaing what I mean.
The issue is with Deduct withholding tax which is calculated and deducted on the grand total and not the subtotal. Please, see screenshot.

Then read this Guide:, especially the second Notes section. In your situation, it will be best to withhold an exact amount rather than a percentage.

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Yes, that will solve the issue. Thanks a lot.