Debit Notes for Sales Invoices (& Credit Notes for Purchase Invoices)

Hello, I am from Argentina.

We sell imported products, that we quote in USD to our customers, but we must invoice in ARS only (at the exchange rate ARS/USD of the invoice day), and customers pay in ARS at the exchange rate of the payment date.

The difference in exchange rate, requires an adjustment (that can be an increase or a decrease in the sales invoice). If it’s an increase in ARS price, we generate a Debit Note (Nota de Debito) and if it is a decrease we generate a Credit Note (Nota de Credito).

The same do our suppliers with the products we buy from them.

I found how to create a Debit Note for a Purchase Invoice, and a Credit Note for a Sales Invoice, but not the opposite. Is that possible?

For customers you would only use Credit Notes. But credit notes are only used to decrease what customer owes you. To increase what customer owes you, you should just issue new sales invoice.

Well, it may sound strange, but here in Argentina we also generate Debit Notes to customers (that have the opposite effect of a Credit Note, that is, they increase the value of our original invoice). To accomplish that effect, I can not create a new Invoice as it will be by definition a separate invoice and will not be linked as a modification to the original invoice (as Credit Notes are).
Invoices always depict Sales or Service rendered, while Debit Notes on the other hand are used for deducting money from your Customer’s Account without a sale being made.

What I found experimenting in Manager is that generating a Credit Note to a customer with a negative value has the effect of what we call Debit Notes to customers (and I can relate them to our invoice that is being adjusted in price). But they look as Credit Note in the system what is confusing (for us).

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OK, maybe in future I will do something more about this. For now, keep entering all customer-related debit notes and credit notes under Credit Notes tab. If you enter negative credit note, it will be named as “Debit Note” starting from the latest version (15.2.12).

And congratulations for your work!

Also please notice that Purchase Invoices has a similar situation. When a provider sends us a Debit Note it increases the value of their invoice, and when they send a Credit Note it decreases the value of their invoice.

Issue of new sales invoice not possible I don not agree. According to accounting rules debit and credit notes are independent of purchase or sales invoices and should be allowed for all customers and suppliers. My suggestion.Program can ask for selection of supplier or customer list and then ask for issue of debit or credit note or alternatively allow journal voucher style entry for debit and credit notes to keep Manager program simple and best accounting package.

You are responding to a thread more than two years old. The entire scheme for handling customer and supplier accounts has changed since then.

I am closing this topic. If you have a specific question or suggestion, please start a new thread.