Customize Sales Invoice


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We need to customize Sales Invoice as per local government TAX requirements. Advise us to whom to contact in Manager TEAM.


Please provide more details, for example list what you want to appear on your invoice or post screen shots of your preferred invoice and let see if anyone could help you.

Thank you for the reply.

Find the attached existing and required model for your reference.


I believe finding the reference in your governments documentation to specific formatting requirements, increased the probability of implementation within Manager (as opposed to you having a custom theme written to achieve your desired format).

I suspect your issue is similar to this thread

Yes. it is same issue.
Can anybody (Manager TEAM) make code for the same format for Manager Software? Or Do you have the code readily available ?


The guide link below may help you if you know what you are doing

The government requirements I have seen show invoice must have the following:

  1. Title: Tax invoice

  2. Tax registration number of entity producing the invoice

  3. Line pricing VAT inclusive (both line item and total)

  4. Total amount of VAT charged

Which is achieved in Manager by a custom field for TRN, Tax codes specifying show “Tax invoice”, and checking the “Amounts are tax inclusive” box when creating an invoice.

The confusion come as an example invoice also shows the VAT exclusive total but doesn’t list it as a requirement. Hence my suggestion for someone in UAE to find a listed government requirement to also show this on an invoice.

Thank you Abeiku and Patch,

I can understood.
Which code language is used to make this form? So that We can make new theme form.

themes in Manager use liquid coding.

To achieve the 4 points listed no coding is required, just a custom field Use custom fields | Manager

To add total VAT exclusive total in a VAT inclusive invoice, a custom theme could be used Change the look of forms with themes | Manager which use dotliquid

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We are working on the same.
Will come to you for solution soon.