Custom Sales Invoice with tracking code & inventory item

I haven’t success to customized these three things that marked in screenshot.

  1. Date, Invoice, Reference No is easy to show, but it shows me some extra field like invoice date.
  2. I need to call tracking code & inventory item individually. I was tried by {{ tracking_code }}, but it’s not work.
  3. On description area, I can’t do any customized. Cause all cell text shows by loop in {{ cell.text }}.

When I do pdf this, it’s not showing my custom data in bottom area.

When I printed, it shows my custom data in bottom area.

Anybody please help me to do this.

What edition (Desktop, Cloud, Server) and version are you using?
What OS and version are you using?

I’m using Cloud edition & of course it’s latest version.

I think it happened from Theme editing , Have you edited the themes ?

Thanks @Naqibdn,
Yes, this theme fully customized & I want to do more customize.
That’s why I posted this topic. I need to show tracking code & inventory item name in description table. But it’s not showing even.

Themes can only display variables that are already present in a transaction type. Neither tracking codes nor item names are included in sales invoices. So you will not be able to show them with your custom theme. Think of custom themes as only a way of rearranging the appearance of what is already there.

Thank you Mr. @Tut
Tracking code & Item is available in invoice creation,
so why I can’t call them?

Because they are not called for display. The same theme can display all transaction types, but for each type, the content assigned to theme variables changes. Tracking codes and item names are not assigned.

Thanks! Mr. @Tut. But I’m sorry to say that, I’m not happy to your answer.
Can you help me please! @lubos ?

It’s not currently possible to show tracking code in custom theme. Why do you require to show tracking code to customers?

I need Tracking Code to show customers.
Because, we use tracking code as Project.
So, Customer needs to know, which project he is in.

Use a custom field instead. If you add tracking codes to a custom theme, they will show on all transactions, not just sales invoices. A custom field can be limited to sales invoices.

Can I show tracking code with a custom field?
And what about Item Code? I want to show at top right side this data with details, not only short code.

You can show anything you want in a custom field. But you will have to enter it manually.

Before, you said you wanted to show item names. Now you say you want to show item codes. Item codes for inventory items are shown by default.

If I can not use Tracking code wisely.
So, What is the implementation of Project Based Accounting?

Both Project-based accounting and Division-based accounting are currently handled by tracking codes. But even if Manager would have better support for projects, there would still be restriction to assign entire invoice to specific project. Not individual line items to different projects. What exactly do you do that client requires single invoice for multiple projects which they need individually specify on invoice?

we sell flat, utility and car parking.
generally, a sales invoice generate for only one project.
But right now, Manager give me tracking code system inline. It’s ok for us.
Now we need two things:

  1. call tracking project via custom theme.
  2. Capital accounts or investment showing for specific project.


Thanks you all for trying to help me. Specially @lubos & @Tut
But I got my answer by this link

Thank you so much @Mahfuzur_Rahman to giving me this link.
Now I can do what I want… Here is my Invoice right now…

This red mark data come from my Custom field.