Custom Reports - Account Name & Code Fields Missing in the General Ledger

In Custom Reports in Desktop version 20.8.27, I notice that the Name and Code fields are now missing. I had created custom reports in Desktop version 20.7.73 that included these fields so I could create a custom report that included all transactions in the database with these columns present in the report, so I could use the Copy to clipboard function for pasting into Excel and extracting reports using pivot tables.
Please advise if these fields will be available again in custom reports, so I can use the Copy to clipboard function for pasting all transactions into Excel, as before.

has been posted already here on 27.07.20

hope also, that it will get fixed

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Any developments on missing code on pull down?

name and code for general ledger account are back on the
first two lines in the pull down selection since version 20.8.45
or earlier ( don t remember when )

Yes, I noticed, thanks. Just waiting for a reply to the loss of the Reference field in the General Ledger Accounts table in Custom Reports.